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“Creating beautiful designer interiors is a passion... not a coincidence”




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Begin with a designer interior



For Minka Joinery, creating beautiful designer interiors is a passion not a coincidence.

Innovation, Style and Quality is in our DNA and we take pride in excelling where others will not.


It takes years of highly specialized experience to design and create spaces that are uniquely personalized, and yet are highly functional and have a timeless refined elegance.


Our excellent reputation has not come about by chance, we have worked hard for it! Time and again we have been ahead of the times by pioneering innovative solutions to exceed the expectations of our customers. 


We strive to educate our customers to enable them to invest their money wisely and to make the entire experience, from design through to completion, an enjoyable one. We love what we do and we hope that we can infuse a small dose of our passion and enthusiasm to inspire your vision for your next project



It’s time to set your own standard of style


Express yourself without limitations, it’s time to set your own standard of style.

Every home is unique. They are as unique as each of one our customers with diverse personalities and standards. Our custom design service will allow you to create a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle.


Be assisted to personalize every aspect of your interior from subtle features to bold statements. Be informed of the latest products, styles and designs. Be inspired by cutting edge innovation. Limitations are a thing of the past, even the accessories should convey excellence and exclusiveness.

(Photo to right Designed by Mark Gacesa of Ultraspace) 

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Minka Joinery Luxury Kitchen

Making it happen


The finest craftsmanship, attention to detail, creativity, innovation, determination and passion - these are the skills of our people, whatever their speciality.  Carefully embracing modern technologies where they complement and enhance time-honoured traditional craftsmanship ensures efficiency and accuracy   


Everything from heritage and traditional styles to contemporary and ultra modern, can be tailor made by the expert hands of skilled craftsmen to obtain breathtaking aesthetic and functional results.


This production capacity, together with world class quality, fanatical attention to detail, obsession with quality, have made Minka Joinery a multi award winning leader in luxury and high end interiors.


We invite you to take a look for yourself

The Origin of Minka


The name "Minka" (民家 ) comes from a traditional Japanese Farmhouse


The homes are constructed without any screws and nails, instead they are built entirely with traditional hand jointing techniques.  The Minka are respected as both works of art and as masterpieces of traditional engineering and craftsmanship


The architectural beauty of Minka lies in the harmony between the shape of the building and materials used such as soil, wood, and stone, which comes from the mountains and forests that surround the house


Fittingly, we aspire to live up to our name with each beautiful project 

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